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  Haan Museum
  920 E State Street
  Lafayette, IN 47905

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Thank you to these partners who support us:

Choose from one of our seven membership levels:

Basic Memberships

Premium Memberships

Basic memberships in the Haan Museum include:

  • Subscription to Member Newsletters.
  • Listing in the Annual Newsletter.
  • Membership card.
  • Library loans of books on art, furniture, and ceramics.
  • Limited free admission to the Haan Museum.

  • Premium memberships include many more features depending on the level:

  • In addition to the basic membership features, all premium members get unlimited daily admission to the Museum .
  • All premium members get reciprocal free admission to many museums around the country through NARM and ROAM.

  • Other premium membership features are added as the membership level increases. Click the link below for a complete list of benefits by membership level.

    Probably the most important benefit is that you become part of the exciting Lafayette and statewide arts communities. All of your membership dollars go to support the ongoing activities of the Museum.