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  Haan Museum
  920 E State Street
  Lafayette, IN 47905

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Nature Trail

The Haan Museum rests on five acres near downtown Lafayette, which includes a three acre woods behind the mansion. The nature trail starts at the edge of the woods and winds down to the bottom of the property at Valley Street before returning to the top by another route. Thirty different species of trees native to Indiana are identified with educational signs. Other signs are written about non-native and invasive species, fruits of different trees, and other subjects.

The upper part of the trail is a little too difficult to be called easy, and some agility is required as it passes over rocks, inclines, and narrow paths. The lower part of the trail is more rugged and requires better conditioning. The loop trail is about a mile long and feels very much like a wilderness experience in the middle of town.
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Mountain Bike Trail

Not something you usually associate with a museum, the Haan Museum of Indiana Art has a highly rated mountain bike trail on the grounds that is open to the public. Built by the Haans as a training trail to develop their mountain biking skills, it was opened to the public in 2011 as a 2 1/2 mile out and back trail. Subsequently it has been expanded to a 7 mile out and back trail. An all singletrack trail, it has rocks, ledges, bridges, whoop-de-dos, benched areas, drop offs, ramps, and other features.
This is an intermediate trail with some advanced loops that leave the main trail and return to the same place. Intermediate riders should enjoy the intermediate trail marked with blue arrows, and will probably venture onto some of the advanced sections marked with red arrows.

Helmets are required and BMX bikes are not allowed.

For more details about the trail, trail maps, and photographs and videos of the trail. click the link below to go the the Haan Museum Trail on the Lafayette Bike Trails web site.

Part of the nature trail coincides with the mountain bike trail, and both riders and hikers must share the trail.
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Haan Museum Mountain Bike Trail