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Yellow Vase With Birds, c. 1885 by Laura Anne Fry
Yellow Vase With Birds, c. 1885 by Laura Anne Fry


  • Select a piece of artwork from the Museum's collections (paintings, sculptures, ceramics, furniture, and etc.)
  • Find the adoption fee for your selection in the list below
  • Pay the adoption fee
  • Enjoy adoption benefits for an entire year
  • Exclusive opportunity to renew your adoption next year before it's available to other adopters


  • Your name on the title card of the artwork for the next year
  • Your name in the lobby of adopters if your adoption is $250 or more
  • Adoption certificate
  • Your picture with the adopted masterpiece



$400 Adoption Fee

  • T.C. Steele paintings
  • J. Ottis Adams paintings
  • George Winter paintings
  • William Merritt Chase, "Still Life with Flowers" painting


$250 Adoption Fee

  • Any other painting


$400 Adoption Fee

  • Wooton Desk
  • Pier Mirrors
  • Music Boxes
  • Grandfather and Wall Clocks
  • Dining Room China Cabinet
  • Any Bed or Bedroom Suite


$250 Adoption Fee

  • Any other furniture

Other Items


$400 Adoption Fee

  • Any of the three World's Fair Vases


$250 Adoption Fee

  • Either of the large Tuck Langland bronzes
  • Meissen "Coach"

$100 Adoption Fee

  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Small bronzes
  • Peter Rujuwa stone sculptures inside the Museum
  • Anything else inside the Museum not listed above


If you are undecided what piece you would like to choose, sign up for a Guided Tour to see all the pieces in person!


If you know what fee level you would like to choose, but unsure of what piece you want to adopt, you can contact the museum to set up payment. After payment, you can schedule a time to come into the museum (no extra charge) to view and pick out your piece (must be a piece related to your fee level).


Contact us at (765) 742-6449 or for artwork availability and more details.

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Visit the Haan Museum of Indiana Art to see all these pieces and more in person!

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online brochure & video