American Furniture

Most of the major pieces of furniture in the mansion are American made from the Renaissance Revival period of 1860 to 1890, but pieces both earlier and later than this period are present.

Two music boxes are featured. The one pictured here is a 1900 American made Orchestral Regina playing 27 inch diameter discs, and the other is a Swiss made B. A. Bremond orchestral music box with bells, a drum, castanets, flute section, and organ.

World's Fair Vases

Weller had the only operating pottery at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, where the Haan Mansion served as the Connecticut Building. Weller displayed five large vases, the three largest of which are in the mansion. Pictured here is the 7 foot tall Aurelian vase that won the Gold Medal for the Arts at the Fair.

Worlds Fair Vase - Haan Museum