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Letter from the board of directors

December 1, 2021

When he wrote the words to his “American Anthem,” Gene Sheer was not aware of the popularity the piece would rapidly gain. It was almost immediately recorded by legendary soprano Denyce Graves, and soon after became part of the emotional fabric of the Ken Burns documentary, “The War.” Penned in 1998, the words strike a deep and powerful tone, reminding us to cherish the opportunity to carry forward the legacies handed to us. The excerpt below from verse two has taken on special meaning for us at The Haan:

“Each generation from the plains to distant shore,
With the gifts they were given, were determined to leave more.”

Earlier this year on the front lawn of the museum, we celebrated the major gift of a bronze sculpture by Tuck Langland. He named this piece “Generations.” It perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the museum: an extraordinary legacy of fine art in Indiana; the passion of our founders Bob and Ellie Haan, who brought together the finest and most complete collection anywhere; and the obligation we have to preserve and promote it to future generations. Time and time again, we witness the reaction of first-time and tenth-time visitors, young and old, who are taken aback by the treasure that is Indiana fine art in our collections.

We are humbled to share the news that two anonymous donors have stepped forward to offer two $10,000 matches for our annual appeal. The first is a cash match, and the second is a contribution to an endowment for operating expenses at The Haan. For gifts received up to $10,000, we will receive a dollar-for-dollar cash match. When we reach $10,001, we begin to receive the dollar-for-dollar match toward the endowment for a potential $40,000 in total receipts. Our match opportunity runs until January 31, 2022.

Invoking the anthem once more, let us together say, “...with the gifts we were given, we're determined to leave more.”

With thanks for your support,

Board of Directors
The Haan Museum of Indiana Art