The Haan Museum of Indiana Art is proud to introduce, for the first time ever, interactive ways you can connect with the Museum from home! Click the image to visit the page.

Keep up with our latest updates by following us on Facebook and Instagram! We will be posting different segments of our new Interactive Learning program throughout each week:


Now, for the first time, you and your family can stay connected to the Haan Museum from home! All of the artwork and artists in the program can be found at the Museum! 
The "Meet the Artists" page will have the biography of the artists and related artwork, and images of the artist (if available).
If you ever wanted to get a close-up and personal look at one of our Permanent Collection highlights, check out the "3-D Collection" where you can have a 360 degree view of a piece of art!
Artist, Mina Shelby, has collaborated with us to create beautiful and fun "Coloring Pages"! These pages are hand drawn with care and expertise. Each page is downloadable and printable!
We will be posting special "Videos" that highlight special pieces in the Museum, voiced over by none other than Bob and Ellie Haan themselves (Founders of the Haan Museum, and Board Members)!
Please continue to watch for our updates! We hope these new web features help to cure boredom while at home!