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Bob and Ellie Haan created the Haan Museum practically from the ground up. Initially, they made the Potter mansion their home, and raised their three sons there. There was no hinting that when they purchased the Potter mansion in 1984 that it would become the culturally rich Indiana museum it is today!

The Haans always had an affinity for art, in addition to their pride of Indiana's heritage, which led them to collecting museum-grade artwork. In 2015, Bob and Ellie generously donated the real estate to the non-profit Haan Museum of Indiana Art. They continue to give to the Museum by volunteering on committees, being docents for Museum guests, helping in any other aspect of the Museum when needed, as well as serving on the Board of Directors as Founding Members. We hope to continue the legacy Bob and Ellie Haan started by upholding their standards of art and history at the Museum.


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Our volunteers are the backbone of the Museum. They help with everything from giving daily tours as docents, catering special events, and even decorating the Museum for Christmas time!

First top picture is a delicious spread made by our volunteers for 2019's Christmas Lunch & Learn. The bottom picture shows our wonderful docent, Annabel, giving a tour of the parlor. The top middle picture shows Museum Founder, Ellie Haan, giving a special group tour to a class. Below, a veteran docent, Lou, teaches visitors about the Haan Museum's history in the St. Louis World's Fair. The top right picture shows volunteers next to a fabulously decorated holiday tree. Lastly, is a picture from 2018's Celebrate Indiana Festival, where Lola gives a butter churning demonstration to a young boy.

We're very thankful for the time they volunteer to help the Museum. We couldn't do this without them!


We would like to give a special thank you to the members of our Board of Directors who work hard to direct the Museum in the most progressive manner. Our Directors are also volunteers and take time out of their busy schedules to oversee the well-being of the Museum.