Jan. 26 – April 20, 2019

Experience a small slice of the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair at the Haan Museum as they celebrate the 115th anniversary of the Fair. The Colonial Revival mansion served as the Connecticut Building in St. Louis, and now houses a collection of major artifacts from the Fair. Three massive vases exhibited by Weller Pottery at the Fair, including a 7-foot vase that won a gold prize for the Arts, are always on display. Paintings by TC Steele and Charles Connor that were chosen for the Center Arts Palace are also featured.

The exhibition will also include paintings from the Indiana Building and Fine Arts Palace, andirons, a mandolin, zither, accordion, telephone, blow gun, stereoptics, a Majolica statue, and a 1760 candle stand. There are also aluminum playing cards, with each card featuring a different building at the Fair.

The Fair, officially known as the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, celebrated the centennial of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. It had the largest footprint of any Fair in history, covering 1200 acres, and attracted over 19 million visitors. The Fair was immortalized in Judy Garland’s song, “Meet Me in St. Louis.” 

Sponsored in part by DK Construction, Inc.