Tuck Langland Egypt Revisited 1200px
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This unique exhibition tells the story of Egypt’s late 18th Dynasty (about 1539 to 1249 BC) through bronzes by nationally-known sculptor Tuck Langland. Along with works patterned after famous Egyptian sculptures, there will be a variety of Langland’s figural pieces on display as well.

Langland's love of Egyptian sculpture began in 1960, when he went to the Egyptian Museum in Berlin with two friends.  At the end of a long gallery of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman sculpture, he found a small chamber with a door on each side. He was awestruck when he saw a bust of Nefertiti inside. He later made a version of his own, along with variations on other masterpieces.

Langland was drawn to Egyptian sculptures from the New Kingdom era of Akhenaten, Nefertiti, and Tutankhamen. Akhenaten wears the Blue Crown, and his mother, Queen Tiye, is shown with her tall Crown of Two Feathers. While Langland specializes in the human figure, this exhibition includes an Anubis, the Sacred Jackal, Lord of the Dead. It is modeled from one at the entrance to King Tut’s inner sanctum.

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