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Self-Guided Tours

$5 – 10


Self-Guided Tours of the Museum are open to the public starting January 9th (for tours booked online in advance).    

On this self-guided tour, you can explore the Haan Museum of Indiana Art with a virtual map, or you can follow along with displayed didactics. You’ll learn about the rich history of the Museum that was once a part of the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair! You’ll see amazing Hoosier paintings, unique ceramics, and eccentric sculptures, all while being surrounded by ornate American furniture!

*Please note that tickets must be bought online at least 24 hours in advance. Click “BUY TICKETS” for more details!*

Indiana’s Grand Art Tradition: Hoosier Art Shines On


Extended Exhibition: Paintings hanging until Indiana Realities Exhibition

This exhibition at the Haan Museum shows how Indiana’s extraordinary cultural legacy was formed. It tells the story of Indiana’s art tradition through paintings by Indiana’s major artist groups, including Hoosier Group, Brown County Art Colony, Richmond Group, and Regionalist Painters.

Sponsored by Eckert and Ross Fine Art

Ornament Fundraiser



Get the art-lover in your life the perfect gift this year! The Haan Museum of Indiana Art Christmas Ornament is a beveled cut crystal with a detailed etching of the Haan Museum! Each ornament is specially made and numbered making them one of a kind! The ornament comes with a ribbon for hanging and a satin-lined box.

Pick up your order when you visit the Museum for your tour, or do curbside pickup during Holiday Tour hours.